The Reddy Threads Journey

The Reddy Threads Journey

We chose the allure of the third person to narrate this riveting story - because, let's face it, it's been waiting for its red carpet moment. We hope you like it 😊

How did it all start?

Legend has it, the epic saga of Reddy Threads kicked off with a burning desire for pants that were cooler than the other side of the pillow.

Around 8 years ago, a young Brian found himself on a quest for the hippest pants to flex at music festivals. Alas, as a broke college kid whose bank account resembled a tumbleweed-infested ghost town, the notion of purchasing new festival-fresh pants was as likely as winning the lottery while riding a unicorn. "Well then," he said, "I suppose I'll just create my own."

Armed with nothing but determination and a borrowed sewing machine from his neighbor, Brian embarked on his quest. Lo and behold, after hours of trial and error, the inaugural Reddy Threads pants made their grand debut. Picture an ethereal choir of angels accompanying this transformative moment. 

To Brian's surprise, the creative process didn't just stitch together a pair of pants; it wove the very fabric of his newfound passion. The lightbulb above his head flickered with inspiration, and before he knew it, those pants led to hoodies, shorts, hats, and more. In June of 2016, Reddy Threads officially came to be.

How has Reddy Threads evolved over the years?

Embarking on a journey that makes Frodo's trek to Mordor seem like a stroll in the Shire, Reddy Threads has traversed quite the terrain since its 2016 inception. In the initial years, Brian spent his days twisting pretzels at his full-time job and his nights refining his skills. While the city of Philadelphia munched on his pretzels, Brian hustled, building a fanbase through selling his creations on social media and vending local shows. 

Brian's first outdoor vending gig

Fast forward to February of 2020 when his partner, Natalie, whispered sweet entrepreneurial dreams into his ear and whisked him off to live with her in Brooklyn. Brian took a leap into the unknown. Sometimes, you’ve got to trade pretzels for pizazz.

Just as the ink dried on their Brooklyn lease, the pandemic hit, transforming their 300-square-foot apartment into a creative sanctuary. For the next two years, Brian focused on honing his skills, developing his craft, and, in particular, evolving the art of his handmade bags. 

As the world emerged in 2022, Natalie officially joined the Reddy Threads journey, turning it into a dynamic duo. They began vending bigger shows and festivals, revamped their online presence, and dove headfirst into the mix of marketing, strategy, accounting, business development, and all the rest that defines the small business hustle. It’s a juggling act, but for Brian and Natalie, it’s a labor of love. 

Where is Reddy Threads now?

Reddy Threads is thriving, and we're ready to take the business to new heights. As we look towards 2024 and beyond, we have many exciting plans. Through the continuation of creating and sharing our art, spreading knowledge through this blog, charitable and environmental initiatives, and more, we aim to leave a tangible mark. Our journey is a heartfelt endeavor to make a difference in the world, bring people together, and create happiness to those we encounter along the way.

Let the thread unravel and the adventure continue!

Much love, 
Brian & Natalie ❤️

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Your journey and dedication to grind mode is inspiring, love seeing the growth and you haven’t even begun to peak!

Onward and upward


Reddy threads never ceases to remind me that genuine goodness and love truly does exist. So much love for these two always!

How lucky are we to exist at the same time as these two gems<3


I love my Reddy Threads bag and it makes me even happier to know that the people behind it are such talented blog writers :)


reddy been ballin! its great to see the vision put into words!!

sea jay

I love reading the beautifully cosmic and creative backstory to reddy threads! My first piece was the reversible GD bucket hat with the embroidered bears. A cherished one for sure 💗


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