The initial vision was a humble desire to craft and share unique art pieces in the form of clothing and accessories. As the years unfolded, it metamorphosed into a deeper calling. Embedded within our journey are cherished beliefs that have evolved into the fabric of our ethos. 

1. Radical self-expression. We want everyone to feel empowered, using our clothing and accessories as a canvas to articulate their unique selves. Embracing inclusivity, our products are designed to transcend gender and size boundaries so that everyone can feel seen ❤️

2. Community building. Witnessing the tapestry of connections woven through our art has been nothing short of magical. It's a symphony of new friendships and beautiful memories.  Vending events, personal connections, and tales of strangers becoming friends from bonding over Reddy Threads items - these genuine elements of connection and humanity elevate our purpose beyond the material. 

3. Sustainability. In a time tainted by fast fashion and rampant consumerism, we can easily see the toll on our environment. Our response is crafted in the form of ethically created handmade, high-quality, one-of-a-kind/limited edition products that are never mass produced. This extends to encouraging a mindset shift - by investing in high-quality, beloved products, we aim to reduce the reliance on low-quality, disposable items. Less consumption translates to resource preservation, climate change mitigation, lower carbon footprints, and reduced pollution.

As we look towards 2024 and beyond, we have many exciting plans. Through the continuation of creating and sharing our art, vending events, spreading knowledge through our blog, charitable and environmental initiatives, and more, we aim to leave a tangible mark.

Our journey is a heartfelt endeavor to make a difference in the world, bring people together, and create happiness to those we encounter along the way.

Let the thread unravel and the adventure continue 😊